Limonchilla Liqueur
A pandemic experiment gone awry. 
While visiting friends around LA during lockdown, I noticed many had lemon trees. Always wanting to try my hand at limoncello, and now with the time, I gave it a whirl. 
People liked it. I bottled it. Branded it. And Limonchilla was born. All handcrafted from LA neighborhood 🍋 (sometimes 🍊) by the mysterious Don Chilla. A chinchilla who loves to chill with an icy ‘cello.

Label Front & Back

The follower count was meh, but @Limonchilla_ did allow for a few fun collabs and Insta-goofery.

A mantra for life. A mandatory for your ‘cello.

A couple roadies chillin’ backstage with a classic OG Lemon ‘cello after prepping the stage for Imagine Dragons, Coachella ‘83. 

Here’s a message in a bottle for ya. New ‘cellos dropping this month! DM for deets on how to get your taste buds (and brain) tsunamied 🍋 🌊 

After a long day Master ‘cello maker Don Chilla always enjoys chilling with an icey ‘cello in his super exclusive lemon-slice rain shower spa. 🍋 🚿

...out n’ freak it up 🎃🍊 with a #freakorange#limonchilla this Halloween.

Let’s get weird.

Introducing Freak Orange. A flamboyantly flavored ‘cello crafted from a freak tree that grows both 🍊 and 🍋 at Nemčik Orchards...

Super Limited quantity available. DM for deets.

Surrender yourself to the gender bending blend of a Freak Orange — out now. DM for deets. 

Role // Creator / Lemon Shredder
Logo Design // Megan Penmann

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